Moringa plant

Moringa is a mediccinal plant that is said to have originated from India. Centuries ago moringa was only known in India and some part of Africa but due to it medicinal value Moringa became a popular plant across the world. While in India it is used for it medicinal value in Africa moringa is also been cook as soup more especially in Nigeria and Ghana, Ghanaians also inhale Moringa powder as snuff to reduce stress and enhance s**ual performance in both male and female. From the root, stem, leaf, flower and seed no part of Moringa is known to be useless.

  • What is Morina Good For
  • Morina Part and Their Benefit
  • Steps on How to Make Moringa Powder at Home
  • How to Use Moringa for Diabetes
  • Moringa Benefits for Men
  • Benefits of Moringa for Women
  • Moringa Natural Viagra

What is Morina Good For

Moringa leaves

With it vast nutritional content Moringa has lots of benefits to the body system and has been known for treatment and prevention of various ailments. So if your asking what is moringa good for then the following are benefits and use of the medicinal plant.

Moringa can be use for control of blood sugar, lower blood pressure, for improve hair growth, Healing of wounds, detoxifier, boosting of the immune system, Anti Ageing, lowering of cholesterol level, treatment of minor infection, Reducing stress and enhancing s**ual performance in Africa the stem of moringa is also use for treatment of eye infection. It can also be cook and consume as soup. Others believe Morinaga can be used for treatment of depression. 

Morina Part and Their Benefit

Moringa consist of the following part:

What is Moringa leaf use for

Moringa flower

The tiny leaf of moringa are highly medicinal and has been used effectively for treatment of disease and infection. Many also dehydrate the leaf, grind it and drink as tea, it is also been cook and consume in Nigeria and other part of africa, the powder is also inhale as snuff. Research revealed that eight out of 10 commercial drivers sampled by the Police Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) in Ghana are hooked on snuff of powdered moringa leaves. Due to it ability to reduce fat in the body, the leaves of Moringa is very beneficial for those who intend to lose weight. The leaves of Moringa also very rich in Vitamin E which helps to regenerate cells and boast the immune system, this is just but few benefits of the moringa leaves.

Moringa Powder

Moringa powder

The Moringa powder is the dehydrated leaves of Moringa which has been grind and preserve for those who can't access fresh leaves of the plant. This powder can be consume as tea, curry, snuff and so on. looking for where to buy Moringa powder then amazon. For those who may not feel comfortable about purchasing moringa powder Moringa Powder Capsules - Organic and Vegan (210 Count, 1,000mg Per Serving) Amazing Green Superfood from Moringa Oleifera Leaf by Double Wood Supplements here is how you can make moringa powder at home.

Steps on how to make Moringa powder at home

Plug Moringa leaves from the tree 
Pick the leaf and throwaway the stem
Wash it thoroughly with running water
Put on sun for days until dried
Grind the dried moringa leaves
Put in a dried container and keep it away from moisture.

How to use Moringa Powder for Diabetes

Though details of how effective moringa powder is for treatment of diabetes is still cached few studies were able to establish t that Moringa leaves is effective for the treatment of type II diabetes. Another study show that taking 1½ teaspoon of moringa powder as tea everyday for 3 months will lead to about 14% reduction in blood sugar levels. if you don't have the powder you can boil the leaves and drink daily.

Moringa Benefits for Men

Moringa seed

It has been found that Moringa reduce stress and also boast s**ual libido, Men who drink Moringa tea few minutes before meeting with their partner tends to last longer. In Nigeria and Ghana men also inhale the moringa powder as snuff to enhance performance.

Moringa Benefits for Women.

Apart from increasing s**xual libido in women, Moringa also help in milk production for nursing mothers and replenish lost nutrient at the process of breastfeeding.

Benefits of Moringa Root

The root of moringa is a powerful antibiotics for the treatment of inflammation, digestive disorder, asthmas, it is also effective for the treatment of malaria and diabetes.

Moringa Seed Benefits

Another useful part of Moringa is it seed, the seed of moringa is high in fiber and can induce death of cancerous cell, control blood sugar and help for sleep improvement, it also reduce headache cause by stress. In Africa Moringa seed is also been chew raw to control high blood pressure.

Moringa Natural Viagra

The moringa powder can also be use to enhance s**xual performance in both male and female.To use moringa for s*xual performance for s*xual enhancent take 1½ teaspoon of moringa tea few minutes before meeting with your partner, one good thing about the use of moringa as s*x enhancer is that it does not put you on pressure so even if your s*x appointment is cancel after taking the powder, you won't have tense erection like other artificial enhancer. In Nigeria, Ghana, Benni republic and Cameroon men who want to enhance their performance regularly take the moringa snuff.

Moringa Benefits in Woman

Moringa has a lot of benefits in women especially nursing mothers. In women, moringa can help boast milk production for nursing mothers and it also help replenish lost energy during breast feeding. It can also help to achieve hair growth.

Side Effect of Moringa Powder

lLike the saying goes anything that has Advantage must have disadvantage, even as important as moringa seems to be taking higher quantity of the moringa can temper with your health, most especially the moringa snuff, some of the moringa snuff available in the market has been locally manufacture and mixed with other content and it has not been tested by any food or drugs agency. The root of moringa in large quantity is allegedly said to be poisonous.

Your health is important to us so please before taking any of the moringa products ensure you talk to your Doctor to avoid any complication, most especially when your on other drugs