This article covers the following topic

  • What is HIV
  • Stages of HIV and Difference Between HIV and AIDS
  • Mode of HIV Infection
  • How to Prevent HIV Infection
  • How to Marry an HIV Partner and stay Negative Using PrEP and PEP
  • Getting Pregnant with HIV Husband and staying safe
  • Emotional Support for HIV Patiant

HIV is a viral infection that weaken the body immune system making the body vulnerable to opportunistic  infections. The acronyms HIV stand for Human Immune Virus. The immune system is the body defense mechanism that fight off infection from the system, the present of HIV lower the immune system and affect it defense ability.

According to UNAIDS, there are about 1.9 Million people living with HIV in Nigeria as of 2018, over they years this figured has rapidly increase. 

In the absence of anti retroviral drugs HIV can lead to AIDS. Their are three stages of HIV, which are: the Acute stage, Chronic stage and AIDS stage.

Acute Stage

The Acute stage is the early stage of HIV infection, at this stage the virus is highly contagious and is rapidly replicating in the body, this stage start between 2-6 weeks of been infected with the virus, during this period you may begin to experience symptoms like Lymph node, Headache, Fever, Weight loss, Joint pain, Fatigue, sore throat among others, this symptoms usually goes away even without treatment.

Chronic Stage

At this stage there is no longer symptoms, HIV stays in the body and multiplie slowly and the immune system begins to weaken, according to health expert this period can last a decades without medication, meaning you can live with HIV for more than 3yrs without feeling unwell. This period is also called the Clinical latency period.

AIDS Stage

Aids symtomps

At this stage the body has lost it ability to fight off opportunistic infection as the immune system has been weaken, this is the period when CD4 count goes below 200. This period there is a high viral load in the system and without treatment people in this stage may not leave beyond 3years unless there is a miracle.

MODE of HIV Infection

HIV can be transmitted through blood contact with an infected person, unprotected s*x with infected person or sharing of sharp objects with an infected person.

How to Prevent HIV

Preventing HIV is very easy if you do they right thing at the right time, they following measure should be follow to prevent HIV.

Don't accept unscreened blood transfusion for yourself, relatives or friend no matter how you trust the donor.
Insist on sterilized clippers if you cannot afford to obtain your personal clipper.
Avoid multiple s*x partners 
Avoid unprotected s*x
Do not share razor blade or sharp object with anybody.
Timely usage of PrEP for those working in sensitive places and PEP for people who are exposed.


Pre Exposure Prophylaxis, is a drugs given to people working in place of high risk like Hospital workers and Commercial s*x workers, this drug is given to protect this workers from been infected with HIV if the come in contact with blood of infected person in line of their duty. This is in form of vaccine that protect against the virus.


Post Exposure is a treatment combination given to people who have recently come in contact with the virus, for example: A medical lab scientist working in the lab and have contact with infected blood, or those at the process of s*x have their condom broken. This treatment combination is effective only if it is administer within 72hours of infection. So if you think you are exposed do not take chance kindly talk to your medical Doctor for professional advice.

Why Should I Get Tested for HIV

Hiv test

They worst mistake is to believe you don't have HIV simply because you don't have symptoms, or because you don't feel unwell, most people are not aware that you can be infected with HIV without having any symptom for 10yrs or more, so the best way to stay safe is to get tested and know your HIV status if you are exposed as waiting for symptoms is very dangerous. HIV is better manage on time.

When Am I At Risk of HIV 

  • you are at risk if you have
  • Unprotected S*x
  • Share unsterilized piercing tool
  • Have anyform of STD
  • Shared sharp object with people you don't know your status.

Having Relationship with Someone who is HIV Positive

The society sometimes stigmatized people living with HIV , but the good news is with the appropriate measure living with someone who is HIV positive or dating someone with HIV is not a threat to your status, infact you can marry someone who is HIV positive and still stay negative with the right measure, though this measure are not 100% guaranteed so if you are dating someone HIV positive the following measures are for you:

  • Seek for medical advice from Doctors, tell them about your partner status and adhere strictly to medical advice given to you.
  • Avoid sharing of needles and sharp object with your partner
  • Always use protection when having s*x with your partner.
  • Give emotional support for HIV patients and ensure your partner always take his/her anti retroviral drugs accurately
  • If your c**dom break while having s*x with your HIV positive partner ensure you rush to the nearest HIV Center or hospital and ask for PEP.

Marrying and Getting Pregnant with HIV Husband/Wife

It is recommended you always know your partner status before getting marry so as to be prepare and know the necessary things require from you.

Getting Pregnant with HIV Husband

Two method are required for women who have HIV husband though this method are not 100% sure but will reduce the risk of getting HIV from an infected husband, This Method include washing of sperm and the high tech method. Talk to your Doctor about your plan to get pregnant with your HIV partner, your Doctor will enlighten you about the two method and you make your choice. 
High tech: when people with HIV continue taking their pills the viral load in them keep reducing, when you talk to your Doctor about your plan to make baby with your partner, the Doctor will check his viral load and tell you if it safe to use the high tech or not, if your wife viral load is low then you will need to meet with her in her fertile days and after that PEP will be given to you to lower the risk of getting infected.

Getting Pregnant with HIV Woman

There are also two method required for this,   this methods are the low tech and high tech. The low tech involve artificial insemination of sperm while High tech is the same as explained above.

How to Live a Healthy Life with HIV

HIV is not a death sentence, though it cannot be cure, but it can be manage and those with HIV can still live a peaceful, normal and healthy life. To live a healthy life with HIV.

Seek proper and professional health advice
Always take your Anti retroviral drugs when is time
Avoid excess alcohol, smoking and unhealthy lifestyle that will affect your health
Take enough of fruit that can boast your immune system but avoid fruit like grapefruit which can interact with HIV pills
Don't share razor blade and sharp object with anybody to avoid infecting others.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my partner is hiv negative am i safe

ANSWER: To some level yes you are safe but if you are just dating and not sure if your partner is having another affairs out there, you need to be careful cause you don't know how sincere your partner is.

I slept with some one who is HIV positive, am I safe?

ANSWER: Though unprotected s*x can lead to HIV sleeping with some one who has HIV those not automatically translate you to HIV positive more especially if you used Protection, but the best thing to do if you sleep with someone who has HIV without protection is to go for test only that way you can know your status.

Can you Get HIV if Both Partner are Negative?

Answer: There is no way you can get HIV from s*x if both partner are negative but you must know there are other means of getting infected than s*x.

How Long Can Someone Live With HIV?

Answer: If you take your pills as recommended, you can live as long as any other person as HIV is not a death sentence, you can still live a normal life.

Where Can I Get HIV Drugs In Nigeria?

Visit any Generaleneral hospital or Government owned hospital for your HIV pills.

this article is purely to educate you about the virus and how to stay safe and does not in anyway substitute your chance to go to hospital, if you feel unwell it is recommended you visit your Doctor for treatment, do not rely on symptoms online to diagnosed your self, only a Doctor can tell you about your health status after conducting test.