Exercise to grow taller

Everybody want to be tall, infact when ladies are ask to define their dream men the start with " He must be Tall, handsome and bla bla. As you can see the item "Tall" comes first in their description, this goes along way how important it is to be tall, if not for anything Atleast to fulfill your woman's craving. So if you want to be her ideal man then this post is articulated with you in mind

So are you concern about your height, are you looking for ways to increase your height or you are just a parent looking for ways to help your child grow taller? if you are among this category of people then this post is for you.

In this post we will be looking at the following:

  • Factors that Influence your Height
  • Exercise to Grow Taller
  • Stretches to Grow Taller 
  • What to Eat to Grow Taller
  • How to Grow Taller in a Week
  • How to Grow Taller after 20

This article will also answer the following questions:

Do you grow taller at night
How to grow taller overnight
What to eat to grow taller fast

If you have read this far it shows your willingness to learn more about increasing your height, so let us get into the topic.

Factors that Influence Height

Height is purely a genetic thing, meaning only your gene have a direct influence whether you grow tall or not, though there are still other factors like environmental influence, Food and Lifestyle which play viral role in your height status, this other factors can even alter your full genetic height potential I.e to say even if you have the gene to be tall, you must take care of this factors to achieve your potential.

Now let us go back to the basic (Gene) though the exact gene that control height is not yet known. if you are wondering what i mean by height is genetic then let me explain, the sentence height is genetic implies your ability to be tall depend on you having the tallness gene in you. 

How do you know if you have the gene in you, it is imperative to know that gene cannot be bought or gotten else where apart from one's parent, in another way we can say one's tallness comes from the parent. Neglecting other factors you have a better chance of been tall if either of your parents is tall, this is same as saying tall parents will give birth to tall offspring and short parent will give birth to short offspring. Your ability to be tall depend on your parents, so if you are shot, unmarried and want tall kids it is recommended you marry a tall partner.

Height is inheritance from parent

Environmental Influence on Height

Though we explain above that height is genetic and can be inherited from one's parent another thing to understand is that there are other factors that can affect you from reaching your full genetic height, for example stunting growth is cause by adaptation to poor environmental condition. Suitable environmental condition can help you reach your full genetic height potential, this is because those who grow up in suitable environment have access to sanitation, vaccination and improved Nutrition.

Sleeping Position and Posture

Exercise to grow taller

The straightening of bone lead to and increase in height if you have an habit of bad sleeping and posture that is always affecting the position of your bone and making it to bend, you are more likely to loss height.

according to expert " The average person suffer from poor posture resulting in 1 inch loss of height", bad sleeping position and the way you position yourself when walking, standing and sitting can stop you from your maximum potential genetic height.

Exercise to Grow Taller

Food to grow taller

Since the bend of bone can cause height loss it is recommended that those who want to grow tall engage in exercises that can straighten their bones. Exercise such as swimming, Jumping, Bar hanging hoping with one leg can help improve your height.

Stretches to Grow Taller

Stretches to grow taller

Engage yourself in the following stretches to grow taller: Forward spine stretch, Super Cobra stretch and cobra stretch.

What to Eat to Grow Taller

What to eat to grow taller

if you are looking for what to eat to grow taller, then eat nutritional food containing Protein, Iron, Mineral, Calcium and Vitamin C.

How to Grow Taller after 20

Growth happens more faster in little children, faster in puberty and stop in late puberty, expert conclude that growth stops between the age of 23-25, so their is still a probability you will grow taller if you practice the above.

How to Grow Taller in a Week

How to grow taller in a week

Growing tall is not magical, you can't grow overnight, so if anybody tell you, you can grow taller overnight that is not true. Growing happens simultaneously if you are looking for how to grow taller then try the recommendations above.

Question and Answers

Do you grow taller when you sleep?

growth start to occur immediately after birth, you can grow anything not just in the night only, but the hormones in charge of growth is more active when the body is at rest, so you grow more when sleeping.

Is their recommendation on how to grow taller overnight?

They answer is no, don't be decieve their is no such.

What to eat to grow taller fast

Growth does not happen over night. Food which can influence your height positively are Protein, Iron, Mineral, Calcium and Vitamin C.

You Can talk to your Doctor for more recommendation.