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It is no longer saying that health is wealth, and what we eat play a vital part in keeping our body healthy, so knowing the right thing to eat and when to eat it will go along way in keeping your system fit. one of this food that nourishes the body is fruit.

Fruit is a matured fertilized ovary of a flower containing one or more seeds, mostly made of an outer cover. though there are fruit like, Banana, some variates of watermelon and others without seed. 

Fruit can be consumed raw when ripe, blend for it juice or mix with other fruit as fruit salad, it contain some Vitamins and Mineral which maybe require by your body, so daily taking of fruit is so important for everybody.

Though it is no possible for one to take all fruit, so here we have compiled a list of 5 important and exotic fruits you should never avoid not for their deliciousness but their health benefits.

We will be looking at 5 important fruits you should be taking regularly for a better health. This post will cover list of 5 most important exotic fruit as follows

  1. Grapefruit
  2. Pineapple
  3. Lemon
  4. Apple
  5. Orange


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We pick Grapefruit as the first fruit in the list due to it ability to keep the body system hydrated as it contain 98% Water. Grapefruit also supply the body system with Vitamins and Mineral. Another interesting thing about Grapefruit is that the Grapefruit Juice can also pass for a preservative. 

According to Nutritional Journal there is an interaction between grapefruit and some drugs like felodipine, artemether, saquinavir, even albendazole showed an increase in bioa-
vailability upon administration of grapefruit juice, it is not advisable to take grapefruit juice while taking some drugs, more especially for those on HIV medication, hypertension, Anti Malaria. 

Health Benefits of Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit contains Water, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Fiber which help in building and preventing the body from certain illness.

  • It serves as antidioxidant 
  • It help in prevention of heart disease
  • It contain lot of water which help in Keeping the body hydrated.
  • For weight loss, cutting grapefruit into two equal part and taking one half few minutes before eating can help to achieve weight loss
  • Boasting of the immune system.

Is Grapefruit Good for you?

The importance of Grapefruit cannot be over emphasis, unless you are on drugs or you are allergic to Grapefruit, grapefruit is good for every body.

How to Eat Grapefruit

The ideal time to take Grapefruit is few minutes before you eat. Peal away the outer cover and divide it into two equal part,  take one half before mild. Studies shows that taking grape fruit before eating makes it more effective to people who want to achieve weight loss. It can also be blend for juice and mix with other fruit as fruit salad


If you are on medication it is recommended you speak to your Health Physician and Doctor before taking grapefruit to avoid drug interaction.


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According to Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Pineapple is 3rd most important tropical fruit in the universe. Apart from it delicious taste and flavour, Pineapple contain Mineral and Vitamins which nourish the body system. According to Healthline, those who regularly take grapefruit are unlikely to contact bacteria and viral infection.

Apart from the health benefits Pineapple can be use for fruit salad and Juice, it can also be use as flavor.

Health Benefits of Pineapple

The regular taking of grapefruit pose the following health benefits to the body

  • It contain considerate amount of potassium calcium, vitamin C, carbohydrates, fiber, water and other minerals that aid the digestive Systems.
  • It help in healing of surgery
  • It help protect cancer
  • It help reduce bacteria and viral infection
  • It can server as  anti-inflammatory agent.
  • According Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry half (½)cup of pineapple juice provides about  50 percent considerate amount adult's daily required vitamin C.
  • According to International Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences it can be use as nutritional supplement 

People Who Can Take Pineapple

Pineapple is good for everybody but however there are people who are allergic to pineapple, if you experience tenderness of the mouth, sore throat, vomiting, or abdominal pain that last several hours after taking pineapple it is advice you visit a Doctor as you may be allergic to pineapple. 


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Lemon is a very essential fruit known for it medicinal value it belongs to the Genus of Citrus and has a very interesting nutritional value. it contains Calcium, Vitamin C, Protein, Potassium, Zinc, Thiamine, iron, Magnesium and other Elements.

Health Benefits of Lemon

Lime is highly medicinal, the following are health benefits of Lemon:

  • The Availability of flavanoid in lemon make it a natural remedy for treatment of ulcer.
  • Lemon have the amount of Vitamin C require to cure scurvy, a disease cause by lack of Vitamin C. Painters, Miners and those working in a polluted environment can take lemon to neutralize the effect of pollution.
  • M. Muhanapriya International Journal of Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicine 3(1) Jan. 2013, says that bathing with a mixture of lemon juice can treat several skin disease and skin infection like dandruff and rashes.
  • Lemon can also be use to achieve weight loss and for treatment of Gout, Eye care.
  • Lemon is natural appetiser.


The seed of lime can sometimes be harmful when consume in large quantity, do not chew or swallow seed of lemon.


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With over thousands species of apple available, Apple is a delicious and accepted for it pleasant flavor and taste. beyond the taste and flavor is the nourishment apple supply to the body system.

Health Benefits of Apple

  • Regulation of sugar level in the body
  • Boasting of immune system
  • Help to achieve weight loss
  • Apple help in building healthy bones.
  • Apple gives a healthy teeth and gum


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Orange is just another fruit you should take regularly to boast the immune system and provide great nutritional value to the body. Orange help in developing a healthy skin.
Orange contain citric acid which is very important to the body system. Hicke said " Consuming foods with natural citric acid in them is completely healthy and should be part of your nutrition plan.

Health Benefit of Orange

like most fruit, Orange contain essential Vitamin and Mineral which can help the body develop well. This Vitamins and Mineral in turn provide great benefits which include:

  • Help in digestion
  • Prevention of Heart disease
  • Building and maintaining a healthy skin.
  • Due to it antibiotic nature it can be use as addictive
  • According to Alisha Lawson, Citric acid which is present in orange can treat several disease such Wrinkles, Dark spot, Milk acne.

It is good to know that this fruit are only serving as Nutritional Supplement to the body and if you feel unwell you should visit your Doctor for treatment and avoid mixing concoction as natural remedy.