Heart attack

Heart Attack is a health Condition that affect the free flow of blood to the heart it is estimated that about     people dies from heart attack annually across the word.
in this article we will be answering the following questions related to heart attack.

*What is Heart Attack
* What are symptoms of Heart attack in Female/ What are signs of Heart Attack in Man.
*People Likely to Have Heart Attack
* If Someone is having Heart Attack what to do
* Heart Attack What to do when alone
* Do Heart Attacks happen in the note
* Is Heart attack genetics.
* How to Prevent Heart Attack.

the answer to this questions will help in preventing and reducing Death causes by Heart attack.

What is Heart Attack

Heart Attack is a health condition where a blood clot is form inside the arteries blocking the passage of blood to the heart. When this happen the heart loses oxygen causing the death of tissues. in absence of Medical attention and treatment, the injured muscles may not be able to pump blood and in some worst case it may result to death.

What are symptoms of Heart attack in Female/ What are signs of Heart Attack in Man.

Most times the first symptom of Heart attack is a pain around the center of the chest, as the pain continues it extend to other part of the body including the Jaw, Back, Hands or abdomen, this pain maybe accompany by Nausea, Gasping for Air, Weakness and tiredness, sweating e.t.c. this is not as sudden as portrayed in Hollywood and Nollywood Movies.

symptoms of Heart attack in Female and elderly people is less, the do experience weakness and tiredness. Heart attack sometimes is silence in people with existing health condition such as Diabetes.

People Likely to Have Heart Attack

The following group of people are likely to have heart attack.

* Women in their Menopause
* Smokers and Drunkard
* Obesity
* People with High blood pressure
* People with Diabetes
* People Who eat food with Lot of Fat

If Someone is having Heart Attack what to do

Now if you are wondering what to do when Someone has heart attack around you or your question is just " what to do if someone is having heart attack" if you are with a friend, colleague, Family Member or just anybody and they started exhibiting the symptoms of heart attack then the following first aide measure are require:

* Call an Emergency line Equipped to handle heart attack, 911 or 112 can do in some country.

* Help put the person in a better relaxed position, it is recommended you help seat the person on the floor, support the head and the shoulder, bent their knees, after doing this you can also put a pillow behind them and one under their needs to help in supporting them.

* Inquire if such person is allergic to Aspiring or not, if not allergic to aspiring give him/her 300mg of aspiring to chew slowly but if the person is below 16yrs do not give aspiring.

* If the person have Angina, help them with their angina drugs and assist them in taking it.

* Stay calm while monitoring the person.
* Check for breathing, check pulse rate and if their is no pulse after 10 second of checking, then perform CPR 5 times.

Heart attack cpr
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Most people worry about what to do if the have heart attack while alone and this people often as what if I have Heart Attack when alone what can I do? if you have this question running through your mind then this is what you should do when alone.

* The first thing to do when you started having symptoms of heart attack when alone is to first call out for help, call your country emergency line which can be either 911,112 or any other emergency line assigned for emergency in your country.

* Seat in a relax position, it is recommended you seat on the floor and bend your knees, support your knees and back with pillow.

* If you have Angina, then take your Angina medication.

* If your not allergic to aspiring and not less than 16yrs then take 300mg of aspiring and chew slowly while waiting for help.


Heart attack
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* Avoid unhealthy lifestyle like Smoking and taking alcohol.
* Check you blood Pressure regularly
* Watch your weight
* Eat Healthy
* Manage stress
* Reduce taking of food with fat
* Exercise Regularly.


What are symptoms of Heart attack in Female/ What are signs of Heart Attack in Man.
- Uncomfortable feeling and sharp pain in the center of the chest.
- Feeling pain or discomfort in the hands, jaw, back or Abdomen
- Nausea
- Gasping for air
- Weakness and tiredness
- Sweating

If Someone is having Heart Attack what to do
- Call Emergency line equipped in handling heart attack
- Seat the person in a comfortable position
- give 300mg of aspiring if person not allergic and not less than 16.
- if Condition worsen and person not responding, perform CPR 5 times

How to Prevent Heart Attack
- Avoid unhealthy lifestyle
- regular exercise
- regularly medical check up
- Eat healthy